More than just a media production company, TIMECODE FILMS is a partner.... We sit with you and discuss your expectations are and what your vision is of the final project. From a full day shoot to visual effects for a film, we are your resource for production. Motion-Graphics for your live-event, music video, corporate videos, and more.... 


We've produced tons of television commericals, visual effects for film, 3D renderings for live-event production and stunning animated graphics. In our spare time, we produce our own short films which we take to film festivals around the country. We've been featured on the DirecTV program HD-SHORTS, which our film still runs today. Ask us about it!

  • Video/Film Production/Videographer
  • Screenwriter
  • Live Event Producer / AV Specialist
  • Visual Effects Artist / Producer
  • Video Editor / After Effects Artist
  • Motion Graphics Producer
  • 3D Animator and Rendering Specialist

Working to replace eyes to a devilish yellow in the film, "Justice Served"

 Ron Hurley, Producer