Timecode Films Demo Reel

"Don't Be A Crankenstien"

We've completed some FUN projects!

Have a look at our demo reel which includes some clips from our commercial spots, web, and visual effects work on some recent films. 


"Back in Time" 

"Creepy Sales People"


"AFW Contest - 2 Sarahs"

"I got it!"

"Delivery Spot"

RTA Preroll :15

RTA Animation Spot :15

AFW Online Delivery

"Don't use dot coms!"

Vintage Animation

"The Big Game!"

Wyoos Web Spot

Hill Street Pool Company

"I AM AFW" - TV Spot


3D Renderings are becoming more popular to assist your clients to see exactly what their live event or home rennovation will look like. All in photo-realistic lighting and textures. We can also assist with any type of medical animation, law firms, construction, and more!


We've also worked on a lot of corporate event projects as well! We work closely with you and create motion-graphics for live events to give that extra spark. We'll hang out and shoot your entire event and create a highlights reel to be used on social media. We'll even create a video to promote your event to get more attendees the following year! Check out some of our samples below.

Event Highlights Reel

Fun Bailout Slide

Fun Meeting Intro Split Screens!

AEE Promotioal Video

MIC of Colorado 2016 Promo

Teleportation Savings Watch

:15 Commercial for Respawn 

The In-Showroom Experience

Highlights Volunteer Day

Comic Book

The Best Prices In The Galaxy

Motion-Graphics Demo Reel

School of Mines Reunion

Building a virtual set

Covid 19 Temporary Hospital at CCC